Friday, May 26, 2006

Odds to Win the 2007 BCS National Championship has posted the odd to win the 2007 BCS National Championship. I have highlighted the best bets in BLUE and the worst bets in RED.

National Contenders
Ohio St 5-1
Notre Dame 5-1
Oklahoma 7-1
Texas 8-1
USC 10-1
Florida 10-1
West Virginia 10-1
Miami FL 15-1

Long Shots
Michigan 20-1
Auburn 25-1
Florida St 25-1
LSU 25-1
Penn St 35-1
Louisville 35-1
California 40-1
Iowa 40-1
Tennessee 40-1
Nebraska 45-1
Arizona St 45-1

Virginia Tech 50-1
Georgia 55-1
Oregon 90-1

No Shots
UCLA 100-1
Texas Tech 100-1

Texas A&M 100-1
Boston College 100-1
Arkansas 180-1
South Carolina 200-1
Clemson 200-1
Alabama 200-1
Georgia Tech 200-1
Maryland 200-1
North Carolina St 200-1
TCU 200-1
Wisconsin 200-1
Michigan St 200-1
Colorado 200-1
Arizona 200-1
Purdue 200-1
Virginia 200-1
Iowa St 300-1
Pittsburgh 300-1
North Carolina 400-1
Hawaii 450-1
Northwestern 500-1
BYU 500-1
Oregon St 500-1
Fresno St 500-1
UNLV 1000-1
Field 30-1 (Wake Forest, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Stanford, Washington, Washington State, Kentucky, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt)

Note: I have listed most of the teams from the BCS conferences here, it is not meant to include all teams in the field.


Huskerguitarman said...

As a True "Red" (not blue) Husker fan since 1978...and having been born close to Miami and moved to Oklahoma at the age of 8....I'm gonna take that 45-1 odds...starting with a 41 to 35 "upset" of So-Cal.. on So-Cal's turf...all I have left to say is succinctly...GO BIG RED...

Anonymous said...

They should just put Texas A&M into the field. Talk about NO chance!

Anonymous said...

Texas Tech at 100-1 is a joke.......they should try winning a conference championship first!

Anonymous said...

No way Texas should be that high with a freshman qb and Romance Taylor singing with the jailbirds.

Anonymous said...

Texas is at 8-1 with a starting QB who has never taken a snap from center? What kind of odds will I get to bet on them not winning it all? Hell, I'll take out a loan and lay it down on Texas not repeating..