Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lisa Dames - "No One Like Me"

This is a bit off subject from Kansas State football, but well worth the diversion from our regular discussions.

Lisa Dames is a up and coming artist who is too old for American Idol but trying to make it in the music business.

Information from her bio...
Lisa Dames is a thirty-something singer/songwriter with an uncommon presence which is both commanding yet appealingly vulnerable. From an early age, her musical aspirations were met with discouraging admonitions she didn't have the right voice, the right look, or the right "anything." Despite such receptions, Lisa was to prove her detractors wrong. Originally from Cincinatti, Ohio, Lisa eventually garnered the attention of L.A. based, Grammy-nominated producer, David Grow. Nine months later, the result of their hard work paid off. Perhaps like the proverbial ugly duckling, Lisa blossomed into a breath-taking beauty who, on her new CD, "No One Like Me," unflinchingly tackles issues of betrayal, coping with un-met life aspirations, and personal redemption-- all with power and panache. These are her stories. This is her life and the emotion is sometimes raw, sometimes sassy but always very near the surface. Her voice is classic--almost old-school country-- while song after song she dazzles with facile rock-pop hipness. When not on tour, she happens to be a home-maker. But like the characters on "Desperate Housewives," she has not let her role as a housewife become a sentence. To the contrary, Lisa's passion to embrace her dearest dream at this point in her life underscores her determination to be her very best and have a voice for women of all ages who take inspiration from her story of hope and courage.

You can check out one of her new releases here... give it a listen then you can rank it.

Lisa Dames - "No One Like Me"

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