Thursday, October 26, 2006

Live or Die with Josh Freeman

Ron Prince has made it very clear. There is no Quarterback controversy in Manhattan.... but should there be?

Since being named the starter, Josh Freeman has been anything but spectacular. He has not thrown a Touchdown pass yet and has 8 interceptions. He is completing 41% of his passes and is averaging 121 yards passing per game. In his three starts, the Wildcats are 10 of 41 in Third Down conversions. He is the only starting QB in the country without a passing TD.

When Prince took over the job as the Head Coach at Kansas State, he said every position was open for competition. Each starter would have to earn his spot in the starting lineup... I guess this does not apply to his 5 star recruit at QB.

It is pretty easy to compare Dylan Meier and Freeman now. They have both played in at least 6 games. Each has about the same number of pass attempts.

Meier leads Freeman in every category. Higher percentage completions, better efficiency rating, more touchdowns, and less interceptions.

I am fine with the idea that Freeman is the future of this program so he should be playing. Continuing with Meier does nothing to help this team over the next few years. But Prince needs to come out and say that. He continues to insist that Freeman is not one of the reasons we are losing football games. Just this week, when asked about Freeman's play, Prince responded "I'm not disappointed in Josh, I'm disappointed in the fact that we weren't able to protect him.''

Freeman is one of the reasons we are losing football games. We cannot convert on third downs and we are horrible in the Red Zone.

  • 106th in the contry on 3rd down conversions (30%)
  • 93rd in Scoring Offense (19.5)
  • 76th in Passing Offense (186 Yds per game)
  • 115th in Passing Offense for Freemans starts (121 Yds per game)
  • 79th in Rushing Offense (122 yds per game)

Some of that has to fall on the QB's shoulders. If in fact we are looking to the future, great, lets get as many reps as we can for Freeman. If we are trying to win today, Meier should at least be given an opportunity to compete for the starting Quarterback position at Kansas State.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Big 12 Predictions

Nebraska at Kansas State - Nebraska proves to be too much for the young Wildcats.

Iowa State at Oklahoma - OU bounces back from loss to UT

Oklahoma State at Kansas - KU wins a close game

Texas Tech at Colorado - Colorado continues to struggle and drops to 0-7

Missouri at Texas A&M - Missouri wins a close one on the road.

Baylor at Texas - The battle of unbeatens in the South will not me much of a battle, Texas big.

Q&A on Big Red Network

I sat down and answered a few questions from the Big Red Network about the state of the KSU program and the big game this weekend against NU.

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