Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chris Simms comes out of the closet...

The truth is finally out there... what a huge burden that must have been all these years. Chris Simms, QB for the Tampa Gay Buccaneers and his former lover, Kyle Shanahan have revealed that their love for each other was so intense that they got their initials tattooed on each others lower legs.

While Simms had his mind set on putting his love on display for the world to see, Shanahan was not so sure. "Kyle was a real wimp about it," Simms said. "He got a small one on his ankle. He was afraid his mom and dad would see it, so he keeps it hidden underneath his socks."

Simms reveals more about their relationship "We talk at least once a week. We're obsessed... We have a great love..., and we're constantly talking" Simms said of Shanahan.

"I met Chris for the first time right after I transferred to Texas (from Duke) in January (of 2000)," Shanahan said. "I was the new wide receiver, and one day I was naked in the dressing room. Chris came up, introduced himself." He went on to say "He was prettier then most chicks at UT, so I thought 'what the hell'.
"Later, he invited me out to dinner. We hit it off immediately, and we've been together ever since."

This has been a tough year for the couple, Shanahan took a job in Houston as the Texans WR Coach while Simms remains in Tampa. They are however, considering buying a home together in Vermont where they plan on raising floppy eared rabbits during the off season.

They are also in negotiations for a reality show that will air on the Bravo Network called "Tight Ends".

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

KSU Depth Chart - Week One


WR 27 Jordy Nelson (6-2, 213, Jr.-1L) 10 Jermaine Moreira (5-10, 191, Sr.-3L)

LT 64 Nick Stringer (6-6, 271, Fr.-RS) 71 Derek Meyer (6-6, 301, Fr.-RS)

LG 67 Greg Wafford (6-2, 339, Sr.-1L) 69 Caleb Handy (6-1, 313, So.-1L)

C 79 Jordan Bedore (6-3, 302, So.-1L) 72 John Hafferty (6-2, 296, Jr.-2L)

RG 73 Gerard Spexarth (6-6, 312, So.-1L) 65 Logan Robinson (6-8, 338, Jr.-SQ)

RT 77 Michael Frieson (6-7, 316, Sr.-SQ) 76 Brock Unruh (6-5, 301, Fr.-RS)

TE 89 Rashaad Norwood (6-3, 229, Jr.-1L) 82 Michael Pooschke (6-3, 245, Jr.-JC) / or 85 Jeron Mastrud (6-6, 255, Fr.-HS)

WR 16 Yamon Figurs (5-11, 173, Sr.-2L) 88 Cedric Wilson (6-1, 190, So.-JC)

QB 9 Dylan Meier (6-2, 211, Sr.-2L) 1 Josh Freeman (6-6, 238, Fr.-HS)

RB 21 Carlos Alsup (6-0, 212, Sr.-2L) 14 Leon Patton (5-7, 184, Fr.-HS) / or 8 James Johnson (5-11, 200, Jr.-JC)

FB 28 John McCardle (5-8, 200, So.-1L) 87 Donald Raymer (6-2, 238, Sr.-SQ)


LE 98 Ian Campbell (6-5, 232, So.-1L) 54 Trevor Viers (6-4, 259, Fr.-HS)

NT 99 Steven Cline (6-1, 291, Jr.-1L) 56 Quintin Echols (6-0, 316, Sr.-3L)

DT 34 Blake Seiler (6-2, 254, Sr.-2L) 50 Alphonso Moran (6-0, 294, So.-1L)

RE 95 Rob Jackson (6-3, 265, Jr.-JC) 90 Eric Childs (6-3, 230, Fr.-RS)

SLB 53 Reggie Walker (6-0, 233, So.-1L) 37 Marcus Perry (6-1, 225, Jr.-2L)

MLB 52 Zach Diles (6-0, 240, Sr.-1L) 24 Maurice Mack (5-10, 215, Sr.-3L)

WLB 46 Brandon Archer (6-0, 239, Sr.-3L) 43 Antwon Moore (5-10, 209, So.-JC)

CB 3 Bryan Baldwin (5-10, 190, Jr.-1L) 6 Byron Garvin (5-10, 180, Jr.-2L)

SS 9 Kyle Williams (6-0, 201, Sr.-1L) 15 Kevin Hollis (5-11, 190, Fr.-RS)

FS 18 Andrew Erker (6-0, 195, So.-SQ) 2 Marcus Watts (6-2, 180, Jr.-1L)

CB 22 Justin McKinney (5-9, 185, Jr.-1L) 12 Devin Anderson (5-8, 178, Jr.-JC)


KO 19 Jeff Snodgrass (6-0, 200, Sr.-1L) 18 Jared Parker (5-11, 197, So.-SQ)

PK 19 Jeff Snodgrass (6-0, 200, Sr.-1L) 26 Tim Schwerdt (5-8, 174, Jr.-1L)

HOLD 2 Marcus Watts (6-2, 180, Jr.-1L) 9 Dylan Meier (6-2, 211, Sr.-2L)

LS 62 Jeff Mortimer (6-0, 231, Sr.-2L) 82 Michael Pooschke (6-3, 245, Jr.-JC)

P 17 Tim Reyer (5-11, 208, Jr.-2L) 21 Cole Brokenicky (5-10, 197, Jr.-SQ)

PR 16 Yamon Figurs (5-11, 173, Sr.-2L) 10 Jermaine Moreira (5-10, 191, Sr.-3L)

KR 16 Yamon Figurs (5-11, 173, Sr.-2L) 10 Jermaine Moreira (5-10, 191, Sr.-3L)

Big 12 Week 1 Predictions

The Big 12 starts off with a whimper. Baylor is the only school with a challenging game this weekend, and it is a game they should lose. With the Big 12 hosting powerhouses like Toledo, Montana State, Murray State, Northwestern State, Missouri State and Illinois State, they should finish the weekend at 11-1 and be prepared for a more challenging schedule next weekend.

Can't Miss: TCU at Baylor
Hit or Miss: SMU at Texas Tech
Must Miss: Missouri State and Oklahoma State

Winners are in BOLD

Thu., Aug. 31
Toledo at Iowa State

Sat., Sep. 2
North Texas at Texas
Montana State at Colorado
Louisiana Tech at Nebraska
Murray State at Missouri
SMU at Texas Tech
Northwestern State at Kansas
Missouri State at Oklahoma State
UAB at Oklahoma
The Citadel at Texas A&M
Illinois State at Kansas State

Sun., Sep. 3
at Baylor

New NCAA Football Coaches

There are 11 new NCAA Division 1 football coaches this year, including Ron Prince of Kansas State. I will be keeping a season long update of how each coach is doing at their new job.

Check back every week for updates.

Boise State: Chris Petersen
Buffalo: Turner Gill
Colorado: Dan Hawkins
Idaho: Dennis Erickson
Kansas State: Ron Prince
Middle Tennessee: Rick Stockstill
Northwestern: Pat Fitzgerald
Rice: Todd Graham
San Diego State: Chuck Long
Temple: Al Golden
Wisconsin: Bret Bielema

Monday, August 14, 2006

More Trouble for OU...

Meet Leon Warren. The Oklahoma man, 64, was recently nabbed for running a moonshine business out of his home. According to an August 7 District Court criminal complaint, Warren is facing a felony rap for operating a whiskey still and two misdemeanors for possessing non-taxed liquor and producing wine without a permit. Warren, who faces up to three years in jail and a $5000 fine if convicted of the charges, posed for the below mug shot at the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Office before posting $1000 bond.

As I am sure he is a booster of the University of Oklahoma, this could spell more trouble for the OU atletics programs.

Big 12 Post Secrets

One of the hottest blogs is Post Secret. Their website sells itself as an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. I thought it might be interesting if some of the past and present Big 12 athletes were to post their "post secrets"...

More to come as the year goes on...