Friday, May 19, 2006

The First Decade of the Big 12

The Big 12 Conference has 10 years under its belt now and earlier I posted an article about who the “Winners” and “Losers” in the first 10 years. But who has really won the most and lost the most? Who has the Championships to brag about? Who has the Bowl victories? Who has the most All-Americans?

The Big 12 by the numbers in the first 10 years has produced 3 National Champions, 3 Heisman Trophy Winners, 56 Consensus All-Americans, 33 Bowl Victories and 794 wins overall by all Big 12 teams.

The biggest indicator of overall success is wins and losses. Texas Leads the Big 12 in Conference wins and overall wins. Followed by Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas State. The Big 12 North has been more top heavy with only 3 teams with an overall win/loss record over 50% while the South has 5 teams at 50% or better.

Note: NU's overall win total should be 96, not 76, sorry for the confusion.

Another indicator of success is Championships. OU leads the league with 1 National title and 3 Big 12 Championships. While Nebraska and Texas are tied with 1 National title 2 Big 12 Championships each. Kansas State, Colorado and A&M all have one Big 12 title.

Overall Bowl standings are part of the picture as well. Nebraska leads the league with a 6-3 record overall in bowls and also in bowl appearances at 9, tied with Texas. Colorado UT and OU are the other teams in the conference over .500 in bowl games. Kansas State and Texas Tech have are tied for 2nd with 8 bowl appearances each. I am not sure which is worse, OSU at 1-3 in the bowls or Baylor who hasn’t been to a bowl since the Big 12 was formed.

Once again, UT leads the Big 12 with 14 All Americans and OU is right behind them with 12. Nebraska and KSU are next in line with 9 and 8 respectively.

So… what does all this mean? Who is the King of the Big 12 in the first decade? Here is how I would rank them from bottom to top…

12. Baylor – Starting with the easiest one. A total of 8 Big 12 wins, Zero bowl appearances and Zero All Americans. Baylor has lost 90% of the Big 12 games and 75% of the games overall over the last 10 years.

11. Kansas – KU has shown some life over the last few years but their 20-60 win/loss record in the Big 12 speaks for itself.

10. Iowa State – ISU has a 31% winning percentage in the Big 12 and only slightly better 42% overall.

9. Oklahoma State – An even 50% overall the last 10 years, but 1-3 in their 4 bowl appearances.

8. Missouri – Similar record to OSU but they have had more success in their bowl games.

7. Texas Tech – Tech has a solid record in the Big 12 with a 56% winning percentage but they have failed to win the Big 12 South and are 3-5 in bowl games.

6. Texas A&M – One Big 12 Championship and a 55% winning percentage help A&M to a 6th place finish but a horrible 1-5 record in bowl games prevent them from a higher finish.

5. Colorado – Solid 60% victories in the Big 12 and one Big 12 title to go with it. Colorado also has a winning 4-3 bowl record and has featured 5 All Americans.

4. Kansas State – 72% over all and 66% in the Big 12, one Big 12 Title and 8 All-Americans gives KSU a 4th place finish.

3. Nebraska – One National title, 70% winning record in the league and overall, 2 Big 12 titles and 9 All Americans lead Nebraska to a third place finish.

2. Oklahoma – 3 Big 12 Titles and 1 national title and a 69% overall winning percentage make Oklahoma the 2nd best team over the last 10 years.

1. Texas – 2005 moved Texas to the top of the list. UT has won more Big 12 games then anyone with 62 wins. They lead the league with 14 All Americans and they have a winning bowl record. Two League titles and their 2005 national championship make them the best team over the last 10 years from the Big 12.


Kates said...

Great breakdowns and an interesting read. I agree for the most part. Tech should be above A&M though. ;)

Anonymous said...

Should Oklahoma's domination of Texas in the past several years (excluding this season obviously head to head, have any bearing on the standings?

Anonymous said...

You must have poop for brains or a combination of poop for brains and aggie denial if you think the OU dynasty the last 6 years isn't enough to put them over the top here.

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking MORON to put my team behind our rival.

Anonymous said...

should OU have points deducted for cheating and excessive crime? Just wondering

Anonymous said...

should saxet lose points for drugs and fights...i.e Romance Taylor..just wonderin

Anonymous said...

Why does the Big XII even allow a school like KjSU. Shouldn't they be in the KJCCC?

Honest Cat said...

An interesting read. I would swap OU [1st] with UT [2nd] and CU with the 'Cats.

Anonymous said...

ksu has done more with less in the past 18 years than any other program in the nation and is still competive today,unlike the blue chip over populated blow hards in the big 12 south.