Thursday, May 25, 2006

KSU Football Blog top 25

The BCS has asked that I begin ranking my Top 25 for consideration in future BSC rankings.

Defense will reload and be good enough, while the Offense is real and they are spectacular.

Adrian Peterson is the front runner for the Heisman

Louisville is WVU’s toughest opponent in 2006

Brady Quinn will carry the offense, but will the defense be good enough?

Reloading big time this year, but they have the athletes in place to finish in the Top 10

Should be solid on both sides of the ball and win the SEC West

Loss to Auburn keeps them out of the SEC Championship game

Without Vince Young to bail them out, they will likely lose 2 or 3 games, just like they would have last year without VY.

Look for Florida to win the SEC East with a victory over Georgia at the World’s Largest Cocktail Party.

Nate Longshore and Marshawn Lynch will lead an explosive offense

Will Proctor appears ready to take over for departed QB Charlie Whitehurst.

An early battle with Kansas State will give both teams an indication of what is to come

Could be the best Florida State team in the last few years

Drew Tate (QB) and Albert Young (RB) will put up big numbers for Iowa this year in a strong Big 10 conference

New Coordinators on Offense and Defense could lead to Michigan surprising a few teams

Defense should be tough again, but not as tough as the SEC East this year.

The Ducks have a difficult schedule including OU at home the third game of the season.

Could be a tough transition year for the Hurricanes

The defense will be good but can Zac Taylor continue to improve?

Can the Frogs make another BSC run? Probably not as they are replacing most of their O-Line

Schedule favors the Hokies but they have a lot of work to do

BC should be in the hunt until Florida State come to town in late October…

Does JoePa have one more year left? If you ask him, he has several more.

Offense should be explosive and the PAC10 won’t be as good either.

Graham Harrell will be the next no-name QB that carries the Tech offense.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

Thomas said...

Well written comment, i can tell you put some serious thought into that...

Thanks for the feedback...

sbcg8r said...

I like this poll. I actually agree with most of it.Good job.

Mike said...

solid poll and nice site, look forward to playing you guys in manhattan

siffring said...

Congrats on your addition to the BCS! :)

Tough to argue with your take on Nebraska. Zac needs to have a big year for us to be successful. But, our O-Line is the real key.

Where do you think K-State will end up?

Thomas said...

I think KSU will end up somewhere around #15 to #20 if all goes well.

Anonymous said...

this is the second worst poll I have seen and anyone that thinks KSU will be anygood is just plain stupid. OU is going to win the whoe thing, everyone knows it GO SOONERS

Anonymous said...

georgia fan here everyone keeps sreaming florida gators will win the east that is just plan dumb urban meyer gets way to much credit for not having done anything in a real power conference,some of you guys think that all the gators have to do is show up puff they off,meyer offense in my opinion agaist real defenses just does not work,he has turn a NFL first round quaterback into a arena league quaterback,and does not take the blame for anything he puts it all on his players I for one think he is self centered and arrogant and probally will never win like Spurrier at Florida,and let the truth be told Florida has not will been that good since 2 years before the old ballcoach left and everyone wants to blame zook, which recruited at florida just fine it just teams are better than florida at this point in time and the playing field has been level out Georgia and Aburn will play for SEC Championship with Tenn,USC,FLA finishing in that order. We are champs until someone knocks us off and we demand better respect.

Anonymous said...

Look everyone always said "Zook recruits" but that has proven not to be true. How many Zook recruits will be picked in the first round. ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Marshawn Lunch?

Cat Fan said...

sooners win the whole thing?????

remember "the greatest team ever" in 2003 ???? that really panned out for old zero U.

35 - 7 what a sweet ass kicking that KSU layed on Stoops and his girlscout troop. OU was utterly demolished!

Anonymous said...

good insight from a georgia fan... hasn't florida dominated that series in recent years??? i dunno, i think the spread option can work fine against uga... did anyone watch the sugar bowl???

florida may not win the sec east, but it would really surprise me to see the great and powerful bulldogs win it (or in jacksonville for that matter)

by the way, nice poll... but ou is going down to texas
hookem horns!

Anonymous said...

Last year I thought the sooners were overrated, coming in at aroud 8. This year they're #2 with a gopher killin QB and young O-line? Pleaaaase.