Thursday, May 18, 2006

2006 Post-Spring-Pre-Season Predictions

It nut-cuttin’ time.

You have seen a few previews of Big 12 teams here and some information on what you can expect to see this year in the Big 12 but now is time to lay it all out there…

My Post-Spring-Pre-Season Predictions…

Team Conf Overall
KSU 6-2 9-3
NU 5-3 8-4
CU 4-4 6-6
ISU 3-5 6-6
KU 2-6 6-6
MU 2-6 6-6

OU 8-0 11-1
UT 7-1 10-2
TAMU 5-3 9-3
TTU 3-5 7-5
OSU 3-5 7-5
BU 0-8 3-9

Before you say it, yes, I am a homer. But there is no clear favorite in the Big 12 North, so why not KSU?

K-State loses to Louisville in non-conference and UT and a surprise upset to OSU at home but locks up the Big 12 North with a good ol’ ass whippin’ of KU to end the season.

Nebraska struggles on the road with losses at USC, KSU and Texas A&M, as well as a home loss to UT.

Colorado losses to Arizona State and UG in non-conference games and struggles in the Big 12 with losses at MU, OU and NU and looses at home to KSU.

In the South, Oklahoma returns to the top of the Big 12 and runs the table in the conference, with the only loss coming at Oregon, early in the season.

Texas has another great year but struggles to win the big games without Vince Young. Losses to Ohio State and Oklahoma put them out of the race for the Big 12 and a shot at repeating as national champions.

Texas A&M shows some signs of life with a good year but losses to UT, OU and Tech.


Anonymous said...

I think OU's D will be too tough for the Oregon offense to get anything going even though the game is in Oregon....The OU Dline is going to be one of the best in the nation if not the best...absolutely loaded at DE and DT...Rufus Alexander is back at LB, and their secondary should be stellar...

Jason said...

Hard to argue with your predictions. Although I would say that Nebraska could just as easily win against USC, KSU and Texas A&M.

If we beat USC and get early momentum, look out.

I guess that's why the play the game. :)

Ace said...

I think that the University should send DEA agents to your neighborhood, as I think that you did not get a prescription for whatever you're on.

Sergeant said...

I think that the DEA needs to send a sting operation to your neighborhood, as I think that you don't have a prescription for whatever you're on.