Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who am I...

I was born and raised in Manhattan and have been a K-State fan for as long as I can remember. I was there through the dark days of KSU football and have enjoyed the rise of the program to national status.

When I was a kid, we used to ride our bikes up to the stadium for every home game and we could usually sneak in. However, if we got busted, it just meant we had to wait until half time to enter, because back then, they opened the gates to the general public at the break.

I was there for the Ellis Rainsberger, Jim Dickey and Stan Parrish eras and even went to K-State's first bowl game, the 1982 Independance bowl. I will save the story for another day. I have been to most of the bowl games that K-State has been to since. I was in St. Louis when we lost our shot at a national championship to Texas A&M in double overtime and in Kansas City when we lost to the Sooners in the Big 12 Championship in 2000. As luck would have it, I was out of the country when we won the Big 12 Championship the next year, it seems I was the bad luck that prevented up from winning the first two.

I have seen K-State play in the Independance Bowl, The Copper Bowl, The Holiday Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl and the Alamo Bowl.

There it is... my K-State Fan Credentials...

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