Saturday, February 18, 2006

Eddie Sutton

Eddie Sutton is sixty freakin’ nine years old and he is out doing tequila shooters and popping pain pills until two am. I am not sure how I should feel about this… disgusted or in awe. If he is partying like Vince Neil at this age, imagine what he must have been like in his prime.

His blood test revealed blood alcohol content 3 times the legal limit. According to my calculations, he had to drink about 16 highballs in a 4 hour time frame to get to that toasted.

I am wondering what those cocktail hours must have been during Big 12 coaching conferences. Imagine back in the day when Tom Penders was the coach at Texas and Larry Eustachy was at Iowa State. They probably stayed up all night partying, Eddie doing shots, Penders prank calling his players and Eustachy making out with Co-eds.

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