Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another BCS Joke

UCLA beat USC on Saturday and threw the BCS upside down. USC was a lock to play Ohio State for the Mythical National Championship game until they got shut down by UCLA. Now we have at least two teams, Michigan and Florida who both deserve to be in the Championship game, but only one will have a shot.

Michgans only loss came against the #1 ranked Buckeyes in Columbus, by 3 points. It was a great game and on a neuteral field, it could turn out differently.

Florida played the toughest schedule in the country and lost only to Auburn.

Both are very deserving. Then there are teams like Boise State who is undefeated. Oklahoma who should be 12-1, except that the referees robbed them of a win at Oregon State.

Later today the BCS rankings will come out and at least one team that deserves a shot at the National Championship will be left to play for money.

Yet another year has gone by when the BCS failed to deliver what it was designed to do. Guarantee a #1 vs. #2 championship game.


DJ said...

You're dead-on with the BCS mess. You can say Michigan had their shot, but it still feels dirty the way it played out. Plus, no way I believe Boise St can play with Ohio St, but still they're 12-0. If you're not going to include those conferences in the title game then why do you allow them to be D1. Take the six conference champs and two at-larges and be done with it.

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