Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NCAA Football Playoff

It is that time of year... teams are being slotted for bowl games and the final BCS rankings will be out next week to determine who will play for the Mythical National Championship. The NCAA Division 1 Football is the only sport on any level that does not decide its championship on the field. Instead it is turned over to computers and voters to determine who will get to play in one game to determine the eventual champion.

The system has been flawed from the beginning. It is setup to fail. We have had a split national championship under this system and almost every year the controversy surrounding the two team selected overshadows the actual game.

A playoff is the only way we are going to have a true national champion. All other divisions of NCAA football have a playoff.... why not in the only division that really matters. NCAA football is the greatest sport with the worst post season.

There are no legitimate arguments against an 8 team playoff. The NCAA cries about student athletes missing too much time, then they add a 12th game to the schedule. They are not concerned about the NCAA Basketball tournament with requires their student athletes to miss considerably more time then a football playoff would.

There are concerns about the Bowl system and what it would do to the minor bowls. This is also complete B.S. All the existing bowls would remain in place and be a reward for those teams that qualified. There would also be seven bowls involved in the playoff and they would all have a shot at hosting the eventual national champions.

Here is my proposal in a nutshell. We leave the BCS formula in place as it is. We take the top 8 teams in the BCS at the end of the year. These 8 teams would then play a tournament over 3 weeks to determine the National Champion.

You say what about #9, they won't have a shot. True, but if your team is ranked #9 or higher, you didn't take care of business throughout the year. Eight teams will include any unbeaten teams and usually all the one loss teams.

The teams would be given a week off after the end of the season and the first game would be on Dec. 16th and the Championship game would be two weeks later on the 30th. If you wanted to give the teams an extra week to prepare for the championship game, it could be held on Jan. 6th.

Below I have listed the first round games as they stand today. This is of course, subject to change after the final week of games this saturday.

Round One - December 16th

The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX
The Orange Bowl, Miami, FL
The Capital One Bowl, Orlando, FL
The Hoilday Bowl, San Diego, CA


Anonymous said...

Fine. you want a playoff, design a ticket distribution system in which 25,000 fans from each school get tickets and go to every game their team plays.

This is not logistically possible.

You must have people in seats to have a game. No fans in seats will collapse any game (see previous defunct bowls).

Anonymous said...

Try reading a little about the history of football in the NCAA before anymore idiotic suggestions about a playoff. There is only one good idea for a playoff I have seen and it's on an ESPN blog.