Monday, September 18, 2006

Quotes from Talking Heads after KSU upsets Louisville...

Lee Corso - "Not so fast Nebraska, I have had my eye on the Cats all year, they are my sleeper."

Kirk Herbstriet - "With all those starters returning, I knew they would be strong this year. Does my hair look alright?"

John Madden - "You see, what happened here, was the purple team scored more points then the other guys. In football, when you score the most points, you usually win"

Dennis Dodd - "I knew Ron Prince would see immediate results and I was right again"

Stewart Mandel - "KSU has talent and an excellent coaching staff, this is not a surprise to me"

Chris Fowler - "This young coaching staff is living up to their expectations, I knew they would not only bring a high energy level to this program but a lot of experience"

Brent Mussberger - "Coach Snyder is doing an excellent job this year"

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