Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pre-Pre-Season Predictions for 2006

This is my official pre-pre season predictions, which will change prior to the first game of the 2006 season. This is strictly for entertainment purposes, please no wagers.

Sept. 2 Illinois State W, 42-10
Sept. 9 Florida Atlantic W, 31-9
Sept. 16 Marshall W, 24-17
Sept. 23 Louisville L, 31-21
Sept. 30 at Baylor W, 30-10
Oct. 7 Oklahoma State L, 24-12
Oct. 14 Nebraska W, 27-24
Oct. 21 at Missouri W, 42-31
Oct. 28 Iowa State W, 17-16
Nov. 4 at Colorado W, 31-27
Nov. 11 Texas L, 27-24
Nov. 18 at Kansas W, 31-5

There it is... 9-3 for the first year of Head Coach Ron Prince.


Huskers#1 said...

A win over nebraska and a close loss to texas?? you've got to be kidding me. i'll also be surprised if you beat iowa st. since they'll have an awesome offense.

KSU 10 NU 52
KSU 21 ISU 35

GoBigRed said...

I would be shocked if we lost to KSU. We're losing very few players that beat KSU last year and gaining a lot more talent for the 06 season (Octavian, Harien, Purify, etc.) My prediction KSU 3 NU 42.
As for the rest of the KSU season I believe KSU will only go 4-8 winning their first 3 games and then beating mizzou.
Nebraska will go undefeated and be NC.